M'Ress Biography

The following biography is the exact text of a biography available from Lincoln Enterprises Catalog number 5 in 1974. I do not consider this material canon since none of this information was mentioned during any aired episode. However, since literally no background information on M'Ress was revealed in the Animated STAR TREK series, I am including this information as semi-canon. Some credibility is lent to this material due to the fact that Gene Roddenberry's wife, Majel Barrett, was in charge of Lincoln Enterprises. Also, some chronological data from this biography is included in my Animated STAR TREK Timeline. The original author of this biography is unknown.SEE ALSO: Biography of Lieutenant Arex.

LIEUTENANT M'RESS is a felinoid female, a native of the planet Cait. The Lieutenant joined the crew during the Enterprise's last refitting. She is the alternate Communications Officer, and of course is junior in grade to Lieutenant Uhura. M'Ress graduated from Starfleet Academy three years ago and is a specialist in communications and computer translator systems. She has served aboard a scout and the U.S.S. Hood, a sister ship of the Enterprise.

M'Ress amuses herself in off-duty hours with the pursuit of Federation and galactic planetary histories and the writing of free-form poetry. She also pursues an interest in anthropology and archaeology, subjects which relate to the histories she studies.

Among the crew personnel, M'Ress is well liked and includes Uhura and Nurse Chapel in her close friends. The distinctive "purr" in her voice is immediately arresting when she speaks, and she is a popular actress in the ship's small theatre company.

M'ress has golden fur and a mane of caramel-colored hair that cascades down her back. Her eyes are amber. While Starfleet's duty uniform for females provides no problems in regard to M'Ress's tail, long dress uniforms, duty coveralls, and other such clothing have to be tailored to accomodate the appendage. Natives of Cait tend to be small and sinewy; the females are as delicately dainty as the Siamese or Abyssinian cats of old Earth.

Cait is a planet in the Lynx constellation. There is only one other planet in the system, and it is uninhabited. The atmosphere, mass and gravity of Cait are all near Earth normal. The Caitians and the war-like Kzinti share common roots in the deep past -- as do Vulcans and Romulans. As with the Vulcans and Romulans, the two groups went their separate ways to develop as two entirely different civilizations. The Caitians are fierce warriors when so called upon, but pride themselves on their accomplishments in arts and philosophy rather than on the martial arts. Their family units are extremely close. M'Ress's other three litter mates also serve in Starfleet in various capacities. The long line of her ancestors is well known on Cait, and her parents are honored citizens.

M'Ress herself is quiet about her family's rank. She brings to the Enterprise efficiency, ability, and a persistently curious attitude fortunately coupled with humor and great intelligence. (This is demonstrated by the fact she rose to the rank of Lieutenant only two years after graduation from Starfleet Academy). And while she is at ease with everyone in any circumstance, there have been moments when people have noticed in her profile, in her elegance, in her supreme composure a definite resemblance to the ancient Egyptian cat goddess, Bast-Ra. And they wonder...


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