The Animated STAR TREK series had one significant advantage over its live action precursor, that of being able to inexpensively show any ship or device that the series art director imagined. It is common knowledge that special effects such as making spaceships fly or space phenomenons pulsate, are terribly expensive to do in a live action series. The animated series was able to show a great number of technological items that would have been cost prohibitave to attempt in live action. The original series encompassed some 80 hours of programs and showed about a dozen spaceships. The animated series spanned only 11 hours and brought a whopping 30 spaceships and vehicles (including some dozen ships seen in the "The Time Trap") into the STAR TREK Universe.

Below is a list of vehicles from the Animated STAR TREK series. Each name in the following list is a link to a page devoted to that ship.


U.S.S. Enterprise
Constitution-class Federation starship commanded by Captain James Kirk.

U.S.S. Enterprise Main Bridge
Description and layout of the nerve center of the great starship.

Federation small craft used for exploration of water worlds.

Federation small craft used for long-range personnel transport.

Heavy Shuttlecraft
Federation small craft used for exploration of planets with hazardous environments.

Federation powered boat used for reconnaissance on water worlds.

S.S. Bonaventure
Federation galactic survey vessel, launched in 2115.

S.S. Huron
Federation cargo vessel.

Starfleet Cargo Drone
Unmanned robot cargo ship.

Klingon/Romulan Battle Cruiser
Warship design used by the Klingon and Romulan Empires.

Orion Vessel
Unusual ship design used by Orion piartes.

Traitor's Claw
Kzinti Police Cruiser used by Chuft Captain and his crew.

Vulcan desert Flyer
Small hovercraft used for transportation on Vulcan.

Personal Starship
One-man starship used by philanthropist Carter Winston.

Scout Craft
Interstellar scout vessel used for medium range transportation.

Karla 5's Ship
High-Warp Cruiser used in a "negative" universe.

Kukulkan's Ship
Starship used by ancient being known by the Aztecs and Mayans on Earth.

Vedalan Land Vehicle
Mission vehicle provided by the Vedala to a special team to carry out a secret mission.

Ancient Pod Ship
Huge ship used 300 million years ago by an insectoid race.

Phylosian Ship
Type of ships used by the sentient plants of Phylos.

Draman Patrol Ship
Small police craft used by Demos of Dramia.

Hover Robots
Robots used by the computer on the amusement-park planet.

Uniforms and Insignia
Starfleet attire and symbology.