Writers Directors Voice Actors Credits Production Process


Writer Episode(s)
Armen, Margaret* "The Lorelei Signal",
"The Ambergris Element"
Bates, Russell "How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth"
Brody, Larry "The Magicks of Megas-Tu"
Culver, John "The Counter-Clock Incident"
Daniels, Marc "One of Our Planets Is Missing"
Finelli, Dario "Albatross"
Fontana, D.C.* "Yesteryear"
Gerrold, David* "More Tribbles, More Troubles"
(Sequel to "The Trouble with Tribbles"),
Harmon, David P.* "The Eye of the Beholder"
Janson, Len "Once Upon A Planet"
(Sequel to "Shore Leave")
Kandel, Stephen* "Mudd's Passion",
Koenig, Walter "The Infinite Vulcan"
Menville, Chuck "Once Upon A Planet",
"Practical Joker"
Niven, Larry
Adapted from his short story "The Soft Weapon"
"The Slaver Weapon"
(Crossover with Niven's Known Space)
Peeples, Samuel A.* "Beyond the Farthest Star"
Perry, Joyce
Adapted from the comic story "The Museum at the End of Time" by Len Wein
"Time Trap"
Schmerer, James "The Survivor"
Schneider, Paul* "Terratin Incident"
Weinstein, Howard "The Pirates of Orion"
Wise, David "How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth"

*These Writers have written for the Original STAR TREK series.


Director Episodes
Reed, Bill All six second season episodes
Sutherland, Hal All sixteen first season episodes


Actor Character and Episode
Adams, Stanley* Cyrano Jones - "More Tribbles, More Troubles"
Barrett, Majel* Nurse Christine Chapel,
Lieutenant M'Ress and 12 others.
Bishop, Ed Megan Prosecutor - "Magicks of Megas-Tu"
Carmel, Roger C.* Harry Mudd - "Mudd's Passion"
Doohan, James* Scotty,
Lieutenant Arex and 53 others!
Gerrold, David Em/3/Green - "Jihad"
Kelley, DeForest* Dr. Leonard McCoy
Knight, Ted Carter Winston - "The Survivor"
Lenard, Mark* Sarek - "Yesteryear"
Nichols, Nichelle* Lieutenant Uhura and 12 others.
Nimoy, Leonard* Mr. Spock
Prescott, Norm Romulan crewman - "The Practical Joker"
Scheimer, Lou Romulan Commander - "The Practical Joker",
Demos - "Albatross"
Shatner, William* Captain James Kirk
Simpson, Billy Young Spock - "Yesteryear"
Sutherland, Keith Young Sepek - "Yesteryear"
Takei, George* Lieutenant Sulu,
Amusement Park Computer - "Once Upon A Planet",
Huron helmsman and Orion Lieutenant - "The Pirates of Orion",
Commander Kuri and Klingon#1 - "The Time Trap",
Megan voice - "The Magicks of Megas-tu"
Webb, Jane Lara and the Vedalan - "The Jihad"

*These Actors have appeared in the Original STAR TREK series.


STAR TREK created by Gene Roddenberry
Produced by: Lou Scheimer & Norm Prescott
Associate Producer and Story Editor: D.C. Fontana
Art Director: Don Christianson
Background Director: Ervin Kaplan
Executive Consultant: Gene Roddenberry
General Manager: Rock Benedetto
Special Effects Animation: Reuben Timmins
Storyboard:Sherman Labby, Paul Fennell, Dale Hale, Jack Miller, Michael O'Conner, Louise Sandoval, Ken Southworth, Dawn Huntley
Key Assistants: Mike Hazy, Bill House
Key Layout: Herb Hazelton, Albert De Mello, Kay Wright
Layout: George Wheeler, Lorna Smith, Les Kaluza, George Jensen, Dick Hall, Warren Marshall, Wendell Washer, Martin Muller, Christopher Lane, Glen Keane, Maria Bennett, Ken Leonard, Wes Herschensohn, Jim Willoughby, Cliff Voorhees, Robert Kline, Virgil Raddatz, John Perry, Carol Lundberg, Malcolm Weizer, George Goode, James Koukos, Tom Burton
Director of Color: Ervin Kaplan
Background Artists: Paul Xander, Maurice Harvey, Don Peters, Tom O'Loughlin, Pat Keppler, Curt Perkins, Boris Gorelick, Rolando Olivia, Janet Brown, Karen Shaffner
Animators: Robert Bentley, Jim Brummett, Bob Carlson, Rudy Cataldi, Jesse Cosio, Zion Davush, Lil Evans, Paul Fennell, Otto Feuer, Ed Friedman, Fred Grable, Lee Halpern, La Verne Harding, Lou Kachivas, Marsh Lamore, Lawrence Miller, Fred Myers, Jane Nordin, Bill Nunes, Joe Nunez, Casey Onaitas, Jack Ozark, Bill Pratt, Len Rogers, Virgil Ross, Sonia Ruta, Don Schloat, Ben Shenkman, Larry Silverman, Brad Smith, Hank Smith, Reuben Timmins, Bob Trochim, George Waiss, Ron Westlund, Kaem Wong.
Checking Supervisors: Marion Turk, Jane Philippi
Xerography and Paint Supervision: John Remmel, Betty Brooks
Camera Supervision: R. W. Pope
Camera: Thane Berti, Joseph Ponticelle, Don Dinehart, John Aardal, Bill Kotler, Fredrick T. Ziegler, Earl Benedetto, Gene Gropper, Dean G. Teves
Editorial Supervision: Joseph Simon, Doreen Dixon
Film Coordinator: June Gilham
Background Music: Yvette Blaise, Jeff Michael
Music Publisher: Sherman Music Co. A.S.C.A.P.
Music and Sound Effects: Horta-Mahana Corp.

Color by Technicolor

Produced by: Filmation Associates in association with NBC-TV
A Filmation Production, copyright 1973-1974 Filmation Assoc., Norway Prod.


The process to produce an animated episode of Star Trek is the same as for most animation efforts. This process is elucidated below. Some process items contain links to examples.
  • The Script is written. (SEE: Writing for LimitedAnimation)
  • New Characters and Backgrounds are designed.
  • A Storyboard is created from the script.
    There are two downloadable pages from the 46 page storyboard for "The Ambergris Element":
  • Voice parts are recorded.
  • Model sheets in color are created for each new character.
  • The key frames are drawn.
  • The in-between frames are drawn.
  • Final backgrounds are created.
  • All cels are transferred to clear acetate via photocopying. This is termed "inking."
  • All cels are colored from behind with opaque cel paints, using the model sheets as guide.
  • Cels are placed in front of the background and photographed. Cels have registration holes along the topside to ensure precision alignment.
  • Animation is combined with soundtrack.
  • The Animated episode is completed.